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Rotary Tower Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machine - (SM-2010R)
Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapping
Rotary Tower Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machine - (SM-2010R)

SM-2010 Rotary Tower Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machine

  • A smart and user-friendly control system is designed in this machine. No special skill or training is required to operate this machine.
  • The display on the control panel is simple and clear. With a multifunctional control circuit design, this smart machine can perform five different wrapping modes.

-Standard wrapping
-Two different types of single-layer wrapping modes
-Central area automatic strengthen wrapping mode.
-Waterproof wrapping mode.

  • A photoelectric safety switch is equipped to prevent any impact hazard. The machine will automatically halt whenever a hazard occurs, thereby preventing damage to the machine or injury to people.
  • A self-detecting system: This machine has an ICON control circuit monitor the machine's operating status, and self-inspection readout facility which enables the operator to visually check all systems. This will also let you identify where there's a breakdown, therefore saving an enormous amount of time.
  • The advance circuit control includes an IP65 circuit, touch screen LED displays and a water-resistant panel box. The use of a digital control circuit is three times more stable and reliable than general relays.
  • To achieve high safety standards, a highly secure and faulty conducting free concealed conduct rail has been utilized.
  • The machine also has a slow starting stopping device: This device prevents upper packages from falling off during operation. The film carriage speed and revolving speed of the swaying arms can be adjusted allowing speed changes.
  • This machine is most suitable for those products that can not be moved before wrapping, and it can be operated without a forklift.
  • Full compliance and certified to CE standard.

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Function / Model SM-2020-12 SM-2020-13 SM-2020-14
Max. Pacing Area 1200mm x 1200mm 1300mm x 1300mm 1400mm x 1400mm
Max. Packing Height 2100mm 2100mm 2100mm
Rotary Arm Speed 0-13m/min 0-13m/min 0-13m/min
Film Elevator Speed 0-3m/min 0-3m/min 0-3m/min
Motor Rotary Arm 0.75 kW 0.75 kW 0.75 kW
Motor Film Elevator 0.18 kW 0.18 kW 0.18 kW
Machine Dimension L2900 x W2000 x H3100mm L3200 x W2000 x H3100mm L3500 x W2000 x H3100mm