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Fully-Automatic Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machine -(SM-1600)
Fully-Automatic Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machine -(SM-1600)



?  Main control system integrates Japanese made Human Interface Commucication System,
    which has good water-resistant qualities, stability & easy operation without requiring.

    specific training.
?  Self- diagnostic System: In case of malfunction, the machine will cease operation &
    automatically activate the alarm to alert operator of  the situation. The Human Interface
    Communication System screen will automatically indicate area of breakdown & the steps.
    required to overcome the problem.
?  Automatic Pallet Centralling: Different sized pallets will automatically be positioned at the
    center of the machine turntable prior to wrap. No adjustments are required.
?  Film replacement: As the film runs out or a breakage occurs, the machine will stop & the .
    alarm will be activated. The Human Interface Communication System's Screen will indicate
    whether if film needs to be replaced.
Automatic film cutting & smoothing: The electric heating element will automatically cut 
    the film, smooth & flateen the loose end of the film as the wrapping cycle completes.
?  The Signal Feedback System used in the Pre-Stretch unit has been awarded 2 patents in Taiwan,
     as well as in Japan & China. The system allows the stretch wrap to evenly wrap all 4 corners &
     sides of the package with equal tension.


Model SM-1600    
Power 415 V, three phase, 50 Hz
Turntable size Ø 1,800 mm Ø 2,000 mm Ø 2,200 mm
Turntable height 500 mm
Max. packing area 1,200 x 1,200  mm 1,300 x 1,300  mm 1,400 x 1,400  mm
Max. packing height 2,100 mm
Max. packing weight 3,000 kg
Turntable speed 0-15 rpm
Film elevator speed 0-4 m/min
Motor Turntable 1.5 kW
Motor Film Elevator 0.18 kW
Motor Film Conveyor 0.37 kW
Motor Film Pre Stretch 0.18 kW
Air consumption 6 psi
Machine dimension                    (L x W x H) 2,800 x Ø1,800 x 3,050 mm 3,000 x Ø2,000 x 3,050 mm 3,200 x Ø2,200 x 3,050 mm