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Induction Sealing Machine - Semi-Automatic Induction Sealer
Induction Sealing Machine - Semi-Automatic Induction Sealer

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♦  Suitable for non-metal containers: .
    Glass or plastic bottles - ABS, PE (HDPE, LDPE), PET, PP, PS, PVC.
Suitable for screw caps, tamper-proof caps, etc.
♦  Suitable for any product in the container:
    Medicine-Powder, Lotion, Capsule, Ingot & etc.
    Food-Jelly, Fish food & etc.
    Beverages-Water, Milk, Juice, Yogurt & etc.
    Cosmetic-Skimmed milk, Lotion & etc.
    Chemical-Alcohol, Cleaner & etc.
    Others-Engine oil, Machine oil & etc.
♦  Bottle cap Outer Diameter: 
    15~120mm (Special customized cap size acceptable).


♦  Highly efficient sealing function, capable of complete sealing 
    in spite of small quantity of water, oil stains or powders on the bottle opening.
♦  Simple design & adjustable to suit vessels of various sizes & heights.
♦  Adopts imported solid power crystal assembly & the modulated design 
    to ensure low failure rate, convenient maintenance & low energy consumption.
♦  The power & control cables adopt quick jacks, to allows easy assembly & disassembly.
♦  Adopting IGBT/MOS-FET modulated design 
    to provid with low failure rate, reduced loss rate and doubled efficiency.
♦  Sealing of vessels with different height can be achieved by adjusting the inductor.



Model AF-500W
Voltage 220V,  single phase
Power 500 W
Maximum current 3 A  or  6 A
Cap dimension 15~120 mm
Sensor Air cooled
Generator type IGBT
Frequency 30~60 kHz
Generator size 340 x 218 x 330 mm
Net weight 20 kg