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Semi Auto Stretch Roll Wrapping Machine- (SM-1320)
Semi Auto Stretch Roll Wrapping Machine- (SM-1320)

SM-1320 Roll Wrapping Machine

*The operation mode of this machine adopts single-button operation mode, which can be operated without training so that you can easy for users.
*This versatile stretch wrapping machine is designed for Cylindrical form (paper roll) or pallet form packages wrapping.

*The display of the control panel is simple and clear. With a unique multifunctional control circuit design, this smart machine can perform five different packaging modes.

-Roll wrapping mode (double action wrapping)

-Standard wrapping mode

-Single-layer wrapping mode

-Central area automatic strengthen wrapping mode

-Waterproof wrapping mode

*The double-action wrapping function is applied on roll form packages. When the turntable rotates, the power roller simultaneously rotates the cylindrical form package, thus providing “double-action wrapping”.

* Soft-start and soft-stop function prevents upper packages from falling off, and a 100% fixed stop is convenient for unloading. When the packaging is completed, the film can be set cut to be automatically or manually.

*Machine circuit control design: The machine circuit control has an icon to monitor the machine’s running status, and a self-inspection readout facility which enables the operator to visually check all systems. In case of breakdown, this also enables the operator to identify and locate where the problem is, cutting down on the unnecessary time spent servicing the machine.
*The advance circuit control includes an IP65 circuit, touch screen LED displays, and water-resistant panel box. The use of the digital control circuit is three times more stable and reliable than general relays.
*Automatic file braking device: The file will automatically break when the wrapping cycle is completed, meaning no manual cutting is required.

*Compact and robust construction, the machine is suitable for a variety of harsh working environments.

*Full compliance and certified to CE standard.



German TUV certified with CE approval

Gradual start & stop device

? Automatic film-breakage device

? Touch-screen panel





ASTERPAC SDN.BHD. offers a wide range of standard machines to suit our customers’ products.

If your requirements are not in the following products, we are looking forward to helping you, contact us and we provide customized machine services.

Function / Model SM-1318?SM-1318R SM-1320?SM-1320R SM-1323?SM-1323R
Turntable Dimension Ø1800mm Ø2000mm Ø2300mm
Turntable Height 560mm 560mm 560mm
Machine Dimension L2668mm x Ø1800mm x H2450mm L2868mm x Ø2000mm x H2450mm L3068mm x Ø2300mm x H2450mm
Roll paper Min. Packing Size Ø600mm x 500mm Ø600mm x 500mm Ø600mm x 500mm
Roll paper Max. Packing Size Ø1500mm x 1500mm Ø1600mm x 1600mm Ø1800mm x 1800mm
Roll paper Max. Packing Height 1800mm 1800mm 1800mm
Max. Capacity Weight 3000kg 3000kg 3000kg
Pallet Form Package
Max. packing Size
L1300mm x W1300mm x H1800mm L1400mm x W1400mm x H1800mm L1500mm x W1500mm x H1800mm