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Semi Auto Pre-stretch Wrapping Machine - (SM-1517R)
Pre-stretch Wrapping Machine
Semi Auto Pre-stretch Wrapping Machine - (SM-1517R)


♦  There are 4 types of wrapping patterns that customers can select to suit their needs.

  • Standard wrapping - Normal wrapping that mostly suits for all applications.
  • Single-layer wrapping - Suitable for light products
  • Waterproof wrapping - Mainly use for wrapped products that store outside premises.
  • Midpoint Strengthen Wrapping - Use when stacking two pallets and wraps it together.


♦  Compact construction with heavy-duty machine body design.
♦  State of the art design with a digital electronic circuit which guarantees high stability,
 longer durability & low maintenance.
♦  Soft Start & Stop device prevents upper packages from falling off; when wrapping is completed, the turntable will return to the original pallet loading position.
♦  All our machines comply with CE standards (European standard).
♦  Touch-screen control box design (user friendly).
♦  Top & bottom wrapping layers are set by input data.
♦  Load height sensing photocell automatically adjusts the wrapping cycle as load height varies.
♦  Adjustable turntable revolving speed allows for various settings.
♦  Film tension adjustable to optimize film stretch capacity.
♦  Film carriage speed is adjustable according to overlap requirements.
♦  Auto film breakage device activates after the wrapping cycle is completed to save time. (minimum overall pallet weight requirement 250 kg for device usage.)
♦  Flexible multi-function packing: Standard, Single layer, Middle enforcement & Waterproof wrapping.
♦  Local tightness wrapping devices can be activated any time during the wrapping cycle ensuring wrapping reinforcement flexibility.
♦  Special design with an LED screen display allows easy identification of problem areas in the case of malfunction.
♦  A safety switch will automatically stop the film carriage:
    *  if the height control sensor malfunctions.
    * the operator accidentally places his foot under the film roll.
♦  Portability: 2 access points to assist with moving the machine.
♦  Load handling: universal turntable design allows loading with a pallet jack or forklift;
    *  will accept high impact & off-center loading.
    *  design ensures flexible operation in extreme conditions.
    *  Capable of operating on most floors, even uneven surfaces.



Model SM-1517R SM-1817R SM-2017R
Power 230 V, single phase, 50 Hz
Turntable size Ø 1,500 mm Ø 1,800 mm Ø 2,000 mm
Turntable height 80 mm
Max. packing area 1,300 x 1,300  mm 1,600 x 1,600  mm 1,800 x 1,800  mm
Max. packing height 2,100 mm
Max. packing weight 3,000 kg
Turntable speed 0-13 rpm
Film elevator speed 0-3 m/min
Motor Turntable 0.75 kW
Motor Film Elevator 0.18 kW
Machine dimension                   (L x W x H) 2,740 x Ø1,500 x 2,450 mm 3,100 x Ø1,500 x 2,450 mm 3,300 x Ø1,500 x 2,450 mm
Weight 580 kg 688 kg 719 kg